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The momentum of the "axe" ball works well. I found it a bit difficult to control the "platform" of the terradragon just right to where I could maneuver the ball. Hitting the axe on the snout to force a left ball was tricky. Overall this was a simple and fun experience, but I did have to replay a couple of times as twice the axe had gone through the terradragon although I swung to the area before the ball fell through.

MoonbowDragon responds:

Thanks for the comment. I don't know how to fix the issue of the ball phasing through Mini when it gets too fast. Once I do figure it out, I plan to go back to the game to fix it.
I'm glad you like it. :)

I love games with having to be a bartender I used to know by heart a lot of drink recipes as I used to want to get a mixology degree back in the day, so this was right up my alley.

While playing I found the mixing mechanic to be a tad confusing (or perhaps too simple?) as the cheat sheet will list a splash of this or use this or this, or lastly in the case of a cosmo where it mentions lemon after mixing.

I feel the transitions between menus, texts, etc. could be sped up. Things can be slightly too slow at least for me. If you continue to work on this it would be nice to implement a way to skip or progress the animation/ text by hitting space or left mouse click.

Overall, I still had a lot of fun on the first night of my shift. Even when I had repetitive customers it felt rewarding to get a drink right without using the cheat sheet, or when I knew the placement of the bottles when side chatter from customers littered my screen.

arrogancy responds:

Thanks for the first review! If more people want me to speed up transitions, I can do so in the next update when I add more customer patterns in.

For the drinks, I tried to be as accurate to the drinks as possible, thus the little side note about adding lemon after the fact. If people find that too confusing, I'll remove it. I might put garnishes in an update or possible sequel, too.

Thanks again for playing/reviewing, and I'm glad you had fun!

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